About Us

Adibasi Taposhili Pratibandhi Welfare Society (ATPWO) started with its two fold objectives mainly to improve the quality of life of poor people through sustainable community development activities and educate the people mainly women, youth and children so that they can enjoy their basic rights.The organization believes in local resource mobilization and its optimum uses for community development.The organization has been rendering its dedicated services to the poor & under privileged people.


Adibasi Taposhili Pratibandhi Welfare Society (ATPWO) is committed to create an environment in the targeted area through participatory sustainable community development initiatives for the people belonging to under privileged communities, women, adolescents and the un-reached areas where there are no justice for women, children, and old aged people of poor & disadvantageous economic status and minorities.


The organization that started to work for under privileged people including urban poor, slum and rural & tribal poor, destitute women and children to improve their socio-economic conditions through education, health aids and social development programmes with cooperation of different agencies.